McSpadden | Milner | Robinson

Seth Rott


Seth Rott joined McSpadden | Milner | Robinson in 2016 with more than 10 years of bipartisan political campaign, party, and grassroot advocacy experience.

His previous work with the House Standing Committee Chairman, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman, the Senate Standing Committee Chairman, and the Senate Standing Committee Vice Chairman supplied vast opportunities to serve in extensive capacities for insurance, general government and transportation, health and human services, and judiciary initiatives.

As the Oklahoma State Department of Labor Legislative Liaison, Rott helped craft and advocate a more than $7M budget before the 2011 Legislature, as well as defeat opposing legislation.

Relationships, attention to detail, and diplomacy serve as Rott’s fundamental strategy, which has proved successful in overseeing implementation of policy and various political goals.

Rott is well-respected by both parties - in both chambers - as someone who presents balanced, well-researched, subject-matter information.