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With roots on Oklahoma City’s North Lincoln, McSpadden Milner Robinson leverages more than 50 years of cumulative public policy experience and long-term working relationships to maximize efforts on behalf of clients. Bettering client communication, developing better strategy, broadening legislative communication and expanding the presence at the Capitol elevates legislative success for respective clients.


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While not the sole indicator of a firm’s success, accomplishments are a major factor in evaluating the efficacy of the firm and its return on investment to their clients. 

  • Passed the most significant alcohol reform legislation since 1959 (SJR 68, SB 383 - 2016) (SB 211, SB 297, SB 411, and SB 646 - 2017). 
  • Passed legislation allowing movie theaters to sell alcoholic beverages (HB 2186 - 2017). 
  • Passed major changes to termination rights of beer distributors under the Low Point Beer Distribution Act (SB 1146 - 2009). 
  • Reformed auction process under the (ABLE) allowing for streamlined inventory auction of bankrupt liquor retailers to liquor wholesalers. 
  • Passed legislation allowing for multi-unit drilling using long laterals (SB 867 - 2017) 
  • Shepherded through significant reform related to discovery in civil litigation (HB 3375 - 2014). 
  • Passed legislative fix to ‘loser pays’ provisions (HB1570 - 2017). 
  • Defeated efforts to pass debt buyer legislation (SB 1430 - 2012). 
  • Passed the Oklahoma Appraisal Management Company Regulation Act (HB 2772 - 2010). 
  • Passed legislation enacting a state Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC). Defeated legislation to eliminate/modify the credit (2016) (2017). 
  • Increased funding for community based providers of health care to developmentally disabled and elderly populations. Passed legislation restricting DHS rate cuts to providers. (2016). 
  • Successfully passed legislation consolidating the Office of the State Bond Advisor into the Office of the State Treasurer (HB 1583, 2017). 
  • Passed legislation lowering the permit fee for vendors distributing their products through vending machines (2016). Defeated measure increasing the permit fee for vendors. (2017). 
  • Created a program that allows private businesses to train and certify their own CDL Drivers (SB 411, 2015). 
  • Passed legislation allowing for the medical parole and care of elderly prisoners
  • Passed major reform to the charter school act allowing for the formation of charter schools in rural Oklahoma (2015). 
  • Passed sweeping legislation restricting youth access to e-cigarettes at retail and maintaining sales tax rate on e-cigarettes and other vapor products (SB 1602, 2014) Defeated $1.50 tobacco tax increase (2016)(2017). 
  • Passed legislation that exempts drug rehabilitation clinics from locating within 1,000 feet of a school (SB 811-2017).
  • Protected funding for on-line math programs from State Department of Education budget cuts.